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Compiling Mupen64Plus in Windows

This guide is for people who want to play with the latest Mupen64Plus code under development, by grabbing the source code from our development repository and compiling it yourself.



1. Use your Git client client to clone the following repositories (put them all in the same parent directory):

2. Open up the Visual Studio solution file at: mupen64plus-ui-console\projects\msvc8\mupen64plus-ui-console.sln

3. Build it in Debug or Release mode

4. Run it. You can get m64p_test_rom.v64 test ROM file from mupen64plus-rom\ and drop it into the build directory, then click the "Run" button in visual studio. Or, you can open a DOS shell and 'cd' to the build dir and run your own roms with "mupen64plus-ui-console.exe \path\to\my\rom.z64".