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Tested games and status with Mupen64Plus

This list is a work in progress, and is not complete nor up-to-date. furthermore, the rating is subjective, people who report game compatibility may rate it higher or lower depending on how much glitches annoy them -- feel free to contact a developer about adding to this list.

Legend :

=) Works great with minor issues or none
=) Was almost green, but a few areas have non-minor bugs/glitches
=| Some issues, might remain playable
=( Important issues hinder playability
Game name Works best with Notes
=) 40 Winks Glide64
=) 1080 Snowboarding Glide64
=) AeroGauge All ships have incomplete secondary textures; Ships cannot properly change color. Other than that, completely playable and smooth.
=) Aerofighter's Assault RiceVideo or glN64
=| Aidyn Chronicles RiceVideo: blue flashes, glN64: missing all polygons, Glide64: crash, distorted letters (1.3RC1 bin64)
=) Airboarders 64
=( Armorines - Project SWARM hangs with any video plugin (1.3-RC1-bin-64)
=| Army Men - Air Combat RiceVideo: triangles flash black, glN64: gaps in-between quads, Glide64: distorted letters (1.3RC1 bin64)
=| Army Men - Sarge's Heroes RiceVideo: triangles flash blue, glN64: missing all polygons, Glide64: distorted letters (1.3RC1 bin64)
=) Army Men - Sarge's Heroes 2 glN64 RiceVideo: Model polygons flashing black; Glide64: distorted letters (1.3RC1 bin64)
=) Asteroids Hyper 64
=) Automobili Lamborghini glN64 RiceVideo: Model polygons flashing blue; Glide64: vertical gaps in flag (minor) (1.3RC1 bin64)
=) Banjo-Kazooie RiceVideo or Glide64 glN64: Screen size wrong; washed-out textures (1.3RC1 bin64)
=| Banjo-Tooie RiceVideo or Glide64, with Dynamic Recompiler off. World is white/yellow in glN64. Glide settings must be tweaked (but give the best results when done) Letters' texture distorted in Rice. Dynarec has random crashes. The treasure room crashes in the Maya world. A few caves crash in the dinosaur world. The bubble with reflections that leads to the cloud world gives a hard time to all video plugins. The game can be finished, though a few areas cannot be visited and a couple moves cannot be learned. (SVN r1416+ only; version 1.5 has a blocker bug)
=) Batman Beyond glN64 RiceVideo: Model polygons flashing black, Glide64: distorted letters (1.3RC1 bin64)
=( Battle Tanx hangs with any video plugin (1.3-RC1-bin-64)
=| Bomberman 64 various graphical glitches
=( Blast Corps loads then crashes very fast (1.3.-RC1-bin-32 ; 1.5-osx )
=) California Speed Glide
=) Charlie Blast's Territory glN64
=) Conker's Bad Fur Day Glide with get frame buffer info off Collision detection issues (and more, including some blockers, with Rice). Major artefacts with glN64; Minor artifacts and missing lights with Rice. Glide doesn't seem to handle the game's dynamic shadows so better turn that option off.(mupen 1.5)
=) Donkey Kong 64 (2.5)(Rice): Very minor graphical glitches
(1.4, 1.5): can't get past intro
=) Dr.Mario 64 Glide When you lose and try to restart, screen is messed up (mupen64+ 1.5)
=) Excitebike 64 (2.5)(Rice) No obvious issues
=) Extreme-G 2 runs just fine (with some hiccups) with Glide video plugin. Incomplete/missing menu textures in Rice, Glide defaults make the game menus look more rough, make name input difficult, upon race completion the transition between victory scene and game message is not seamless. Victory scene looks odd. On occasion the top of the "Disc" at the bike selection screen will flash and show a different color underneath. Corners of the pictures on the track selection screen are visible, instead of being hidden.
=) F-Zero X Glide defaults have a visible seam in the middle of the track.
=) GoldenEye RiceVideo set "Frame update" to "At the 1st CI change" in "current game options" and uncheck "Normal combiner". Major rendering issues with glN64.
=( Hydro Thunder Game is unplayable no matter what settings are, but menus work just fine.
=) Iggy's Reckin' Balls RiceVideo, Expansion Pack Disabled Expansion Pack hangs at certain part of game
=) Jet Force Gemini Glide with : hi-res frame buffer on; get frame buffer info off; detect CPU writes on The bug doors don't turn green when the enemies die; the crosshair for the tri rocket and guided missile launcher don't show; Vela's boss has problems (unplayably laggish with Glide, blurry screen with Rice).
=) Kirby 64 Glide64 The borders of the screen have random flashing garbage, and there are some distorted characters (for example, King De-De-De face).
=) Mario Kart 64
=| Mischief Makers Major display issues (see below in detailed notes)
=) Mortal Kombat 4 Glide64 - Enable Sound Sync, Enable Compiled Jump, Disable Expansion Pack
=| Mystical Ninja very laggy
=| Paper Mario Flickering
=| Perfect Dark the game seems to have problems with being able to enter the next stage once the current one is complete
=) Puyo Puyo 4: Party RiceVideo (minor artifacts), Glide64 (disable compiled jump) requires lots of CPU power. glN64: UCode is not detected, selecting the proper UCode results in a freeze. Glide64: Crashes after intro video (before entry into menu)
=) Rayman 2 - The great escape Glide64 Some collision problems (vital characters/items going through wall/floor), can be worked around by saving and trying repeatedly and/or changing view angle (mupen 1.5)
=) Rush 2 Glide64 Artifacts with RiceVideo and glN64
=| San Francisco Rush textures are not aligned correctly
=| San Francisco Rush 2049 has video, runs decent, but no sound
=) Sin and Punishment (Tsumi no Batsu: Hoshi no Keishousha) Glide64
=) Super Bowling 64 RiceVideo
=) Star Fox 64 RiceVideo or Glide64
=) Super Mario 64
=) Super Smash Bros RiceVideo
=) Tony hawk pro skater 1, 2, 3 RiceVideo Broken textures with glN64
=) Top Gear Rally
 :( Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Complete garbage with Glide and Rice, even with Expansion Pack disabled.
=| Yoshi's Story hangs with glide64, display artefacts with Rice and glN64
=) Zelda - Ocarina of Time RiceVideo, Glide Rice has the nice ability to play with HD textures if you have a pack, but Glide handles the lens of truth better. Rice may also sometimes have fog issues
=| Zelda - Majora's Mask Glide many cutscenes missing with Rice. Some cutscenes that don't work in Rice do work in Glide, but Glide is a little more prone to crashing. The game sometimes crashes, especially when going from day to night or vice-versa.

Detailed info about issues in some games

Mario Kart 64

CRC: 3e5055b6 2e92da52
MD5: 7D54D888964A3B0D058EB80886C44C88
ver: mupen64plus-1.3-RC1-bin-64 plugins: rice-1.2-dev
  • In high resolutions (tested with 1600x1200) and only in fullscreen mode the whole screen flashes + overdrawing artefacts. Sometimes there is a small centered picture-in-picture of the game, so the game runs as a small picture in the middle of the screen and the rest of the screen just flashes.
  • After every race the screen is split into 4 parts, where 2 of them shows the scores. The background color should here be black, but instead it's white most of the time and randomly flashes to black. Depending on the map there are other colors too.

Mario Party

CRC: 2829657e a0621877
MD5: 8BC2712139FBF0C56C8EA835802C52DC
ver: mupen64-amd64-1.2-bin-64 plugins: glN64 + Jttl
  • After a (complete) game is finished, the sound starts to stutter extremly loud. It's like there is garbage data in die audio buffer and played over and over again. You have to restart the game to get it back to normal.
ver: mupen64plus-1.3-RC1-bin-64 plugins: glN64-0.4.1
  • runs slower as with previous version (mupen64-amd64-1.2-bin-64 + glN64)
  • artifacts in mini games
  • sometimes characters and objects are flashing.
  • sometimes characters and objects are rendered multiple times. It's like the next motion frame gets drawn without erasing the previous one from the background. e.g. if a character moves from left to right you get a line of this character in different stages (overdrawing?).
  • while the screen is split up into 2 frames the second (either the right or the lower one) frame flashes.
ver: mupen64plus-1.3-RC1-bin-64 plugins: rice-1.2-dev
  • artefacts in mini games
  • sometimes characters and objects are invisible

Mario Tennis

CRC: 839f3ad5 406d15fa

ver: mupen64plus-1.3-RC1-bin-64 plugins: rice-1.2-dev
  • The emulator crashes...
  • at the end of the intro (but you can skip the intro).
  • when you've started a game and hit the ball the first time.
ver: mupen64plus-1.3-RC1-bin-64 pluigns: glN64-0.4.1
  • Countless clipping artefacts.
  • Many black boxes around objects (render to texture not working?)
  • The replays are almost completly black, but skipable.


CRC: 418bda98 248a0f58
MD5: EB3B078A74D4DC827E1E79791004DFBB
ver: mupen64plus-1.3-RC1-bin-64 plugins: rice-1.2-dev AND glN64-0.4.1
  • In Level 4-1 Astair's Lair you have to run away from a rolling stone. The sad thing is that's invisible. There are most likely more objects in the game which are invisible because of this bug but I only noticed this one so far.
  • The questions in the mathfun event in 3-10 are black and not possible to see.
  • In world 4, the screen is supposed to be dark, with only the center having a circle of light visible. This was done to simulate a dark cave with a flashlight shining on Marina. So far no plugin renders this correctly. Either the dark and light are swapped, or the screen is all light and no dark, but the correct "flashlight affect" is not present.
  • The message "two events of type 8 in queue" appears countless times in the console
  • Game lags (on stages 2-3, 2-8, the dash events in 3-10, and the hurdle event in 3-10, during some on screen explosions in worlds 3 and 5)
  • There are some outline issues, like in the intro, and in world 4 some plugins render a blue outline in the background.
  • in world 2, many of the textures of the grayish brown walls are completely off. gln64 1.1.1 renders these textures 100% accurate.

Yoshi's Story

CRC: 3612688085 16777216
MD5: D3436319D51DF291BA71A2E512DDB7B5
ver: mupen64plug-svn-__r93__ plugins: rice-1.3-dev AND glN64-0.4.1 AND glide64
  • The Nintendo sprite at the beginning does not show up with Rice's Video or Glide64
  • The selection screens do not show up properly in Rice Video (White boxes over some sprites) or Glide64 (full screen is a varying shade of purple)
  • Rice Video: Many sprites in-game show up white.
  • glN64: No background objects are drawn in-game, causing the game to redraw over itself each frame
  • glide64: Crashes before entering gameplay.