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Mupen64Plus, Originally Mupen64-64bit, created by Richard42, is a fork of Mupen64, An N64 emulator created by Hacktarux. Mupen64-64bit was started sometime after the first release of a quick attempt to port Mupen64 to x86_64/AMD64/EM64T was released.

Mupen64Plus is Open Source, as it is required as a derivative of the GPLv2 software, Mupen64 . All source code to all plug-ins are redistributed under the license they were originally redistributed under. The latest snapshot of source is publicly available via offsite SVN under a special user (Who's information is listed on the Project Homepage.)


On October 10th, 2007, A branch off of Mupen64 was presented to the public as Mupen 64bit [Go→]. First released by nmn, it contained a buggy version of glN64, JTTL's Audio Plug-in, A broken release of Blight's SDL Input plug-in, And the original 'r4300' emulation minus dynamic recompiling. (No attempt to port it was made as of the original release) On October 14th, 2007, Richard42 had decided to help on the project. On October 21st, 2007, the original port was finally dumped and the project gained a new name, Mupen64-64bit. Essentially, It was a new project, being started from the vanilla Mupen64 0.5 source code.

Mupen64-64bit was soon renamed Mupen64-amd64. During this next period many of the fork's most important achievements were made. A Dynamic Recompiler was developed, Many of the largest bugs were fixed, and the emulator's GUI was renovated.

After a while, it became clear that the name Mupen64-amd64 was giving the impression that the emulator did not support 32-bit Intel x86 processors. Finally, It was decided to rename the project to Mupen64Plus, and the project gained a homepage at Google Code, where it sits today.


Although the original goals of the initial project were only to port the emulator to 64-bit Intel and fix bugs, not long after Richard42 arrived, it was decided that the project should also aim to improve the quality of Mupen64. Currently, the project has deviated off of the original Mupen64 quite much. The main differences are:

  • New Makefile, supporting PPC (broken as of now) and x86 targets for 64-bit and 32-bit.
  • New GTK code, with much less deprecated GTK functions and widgets
  • A Qt4 GUI
  • A port of Rice Video, with countless fixes and renovations
  • A port of Glide64 Wonder Plus
  • Improvements to glN64
  • 64-bit Dynamic Recompiler
  • A brand new Windows port using GTK


Currently, Mupen64Plus only compiles under Intel processors on the Linux platform (Other UNIX like Operating Systems should work as long as you have GNU Make and GCC for compilation). Simply use "make all" to compile the emulator, provided all prerequisites are properly installed and working.

An effort to port Mupen64Plus to Microsoft Windows is under way. Fixes to the build system that will allow users of PowerPC Linux to run Mupen64Plus should be released soon.


Currently, Mupen64Plus has 10 Plug-ins. 4 Video plug-ins, 3 audio plug-ins, 2 input plug-ins and 1 RSP plug-in.


  • glN64
  • No Video
  • Glide64 Wonder Plus
  • Rice's Video Plugin (With mudlord's extensions)


  • Mupen64 Audio Plugin (May become obsolete)
  • No Audio
  • JttL's SDL Audio


  • Mupen64 Basic Input Plugin
  • Blight's SDL Input Plugin


  • Hacktarux/Azimer HLE RSP Plugin